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Our Philosophy

The Economy in post apartheid South Africa has given us the confidence to imagine and to push beyond the micro into the mainstream, our vision is expanding, widening and we are hopeful that we too will grow out of a previously disadvantaged image into a significant role player in business.

Our will to sustain under trying circumstances is proof of our commitment and ability to weather storms and the ever-fluctuating markets. Competition and the amazing innovations in footwear and fashion only spurs and excites us on to partner with the creative forces in fashion and apparel design and we know that we can market and create a customer base that will be worthy of all the fascinating trends that are emerging worldwide and sought after in the image- focussed developing Southern African states.

Our Achievements

From the micro general dealers shop we have grown into a household name. Ismail Cassim and Sons has acquired a presence in the footwear and apparel market as a trusted, affordable wholesale supplier to the small enterprises that have developed in the city and suburbs around the country.

Our experience has taught us that customers value excellent service, availability and knowledge of the market. The upwardly mobile customer is intelligent and aware of quality and name brands, she/ he is able to distinguish exactly what is trendy, sporty and comfortable and what is not and we have tried to the best of our ability to satisfy that demand and need.

Sharing information, marketing and building relationships with our suppliers and customers alike has led to sustainability at both levels. Adidas, Watson Shoes, Puma and Bata can vouch for this with records of our sales statistics. Over the years we have increased sales tremendously.

Our Future, Proposal & Promise